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My Story:


I have always valued a simple signature look - luxurious colourful fabric and a handmade silk shawl.


Looking back in time I feel so blessed to have grown up in Ceylon, a country rich in culture and colour. As a young girl, I can remember seeing the hard working women on the lush tea estates dressed in wondrous colourful fabrics, never losing their femininity regardless of the work they were doing. This left a lasting impression that stayed with me all my life.


Towards the latter part of my 30 year career in luxury jewellery, I began wearing the simple dress I designed mainly for comfort. I complimented it with one of my handmade silk shawls, thus making it my signature look. Following the compliments I received, I came to realize the need in the market place for such a niche.


In 2012 the opportunity presented itself enabling me to focus full time on my life long dream of having my own boutique in the heart of Yorkville.


I chose the name as it describes who I am. Always in a rush BUZZ! BUZZ! - with a need to slip into something simple, comfortable and of course stunning.
I am certain many of you can relate.


I travelled many times during the civil unrest in search of the best artisans. I am today, thrilled to be associated with a team of 10 highly skilled women- artisans who are part of a small private studio, whose great work is valued and they are always treated with respect.


I am in touch with the studio constantly ensuring the finished product is in keeping with our high standards. I choose the silk, be it - Crepe, Charmeuse or Habutai based on the execution of the design, paying close attention to detail.


The Mad-dasH collection is not mass produced adding a certain cache, and is only available in my boutique.


It is not for everyone - but for everyone who enjoys wearing something simple and handmade in luxurious silk.


Mad-dasH is the perfect destination for your (mad dash) getaway.
From chic cotton tees, to spectacular one of a kind tunics and shawls that travel light and bright.



Wearable art